Terms & Conditions


  • As much as possible, I will treat what you say as confidential and will not disclose what you share. However, there are some legal and ethical limits to confidentiality. Therefore, there are specific things which, if you did disclose them to me, I would be obliged to report. I shall outline these in our initial meeting and would always attempt to discuss any potential break of confidentiality with you first. Such breaks of confidentiality are very rare.


Cancelling Appointments

  • I require 7 days’ notice to cancel or change a session, otherwise the full fee will be payable. Whilst I will attempt to reschedule your session in lieu of this fee, I cannot guarantee this. 
  • In the event of you wanting to take a break, of either specified or unspecified length, during your therapy, I can hold your place open on payment of the full weekly session fee for each week missed. Alternatively, you can decide to terminate your contract, and, when ready, if I have availability, return under a new one, which may be a revised version.



  • You are free to end your counselling at any time, though endings work best when we can talk about and prepare for them together. Where our work extends beyond twelve sessions, I ask that you give four sessions’ notice before ending, to give us a chance for proper closure and to review our work.



  • For clients who are paying privately, payment is by bank transfer (BACS) following each session. I will supply my bank details during our first session.
  • Concessions may be available by negotiation for those unemployed or on a low   income. These are reviewable 3 monthly. All session fees will be revised every January. 
  • If your fees are being paid by a supporting organisation, such as an agency or church, I can supply an invoice to the organisation.
  • I offer a few day-time concessions to those on low income, ministers of religion, and student counsellors needing their own therapy.
  • I am also a BUPA registered therapist. I only meet BUPA clients face to face, so we cannot commence until after lockdown finishes.



  • Your confidentiality and personal comfort and safety are of highest importance. During Covid-19, all counselling will be via Zoom, an end-to-end encrypted platform.


During Covid-19 restrictions, I am continuing to offer therapy via Zoom video, which I can help introduce you to if you are unfamiliar using. When appropriate, I will resume meeting in-person.

Please get in touch if you’d value support.

During this challenging time I am offering a free initial 20 minute meeting for individuals over 18 years old.